Currently in Africa many countries are experiencing strong stable growth, whilst some are recovering from internal conflicts or inadequate leadership – circumstances providing interesting investment opportunities.

At Africa Invest market place you will be able to find opportunites for investing in projects in different areas of business with different risk/reward ratio – all projects with the common denominator that it offers what we believe is to be unique opportunities with return-on-investment potential higher than corresponding projects in more mature countries/markets.

The projects are aimed to attract private investors, networks of business angels or investment funds. For the private investor, this may be the awaited exotic portfolio supplement combining investment and adventure, and for the investment fund we seek to align projects with the investment fund strategy.

The projects presented at this market place are owned (partly or fully) by, and/or managed/influenced by, the holding company Urkällan AB, a company incorporated under the laws of sweden, whose management/advisors have comprehensive experiences in project management in Africa.