Business model

In many African countries there is a need for capital to fund early stage projects and mature companies with already proven business activities. And as the complexity of each business case is variying, the resources needed – capital, human resources and amount of time to reach goals – is different for each case. Together with Urkällan AB and its experienced team of advisors and managers all projects are evaluated before presented on the African Invest market place.

Based on the analyses carried out on each project or company, following CSR guidelines, a pre estimate of return-of-investment is generated along with an estimate of resources needed to fully develop the project.

To manage risk, and to be able to have maximum speed to finalize and exit project, strategic regions are set to sub-Sahara and East Africa, where Urkällans team have its best connections and insight.

The projects will be equity financed through private investors, networks of business angels or investment funds, with and average exit strategy of 5 years.

At this stage, the African Invest market place will be able to offer projects mainly in 1. Mineral resources 2. tourism and 2. commodities.